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This category includes debates that are deemed by the Debatepedia community to be the most important and highest priority around the world. It is meant to be a place to help readers and editors prioritize the issues and debates they engage in. For sure, our limited editorial energies on Debatepedia should be prioritized around the world's highest priorities. This category is meant to engage the Debatepedia community in hashing out these priorities, and we welcome your engagement on the discussion page (tab above) of this category, to help us improve them. Feel free to recommend debates for "global priority" status and criticize existing "priorities".

Certainly, this category is fairly subjective, but here are some criteria for determining if a debate is a "global priority":

  1. Global significance - Is it an international debate with global impact?
  2. Degree of the impact on peoples lives worldwide - How important/impactful is the outcome of the debate to the citizens of the world?
  3. Timeliness of the debate - Is it being actively debated around the world now? Are future decisions pending the outcome of the debate?

Articles in category "Global priorities"

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