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Argument: Year-round schooling handles more students, requires fewer schools

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

Don Heinzman. "Year-round schooling has advantages". Hometown Source. - "Year-round education should be considered by more school districts because it is another choice for parents and could be a space-saver for districts squeezed for space.

Most school boards shy away from it, because it is controversial and little understood by parents. Communities would rather build more schools than take a chance on a year-round program, even though the multi-track program could reduce the number of buildings by one-fourth.

[...]The middle school, called the Minnesota Center, grew out of a need for space. Today 144 students in grades five through nine attend the year-round program, easing the need for space in the district’s other two middle schools.

National Association for Year Round Education, Typical Calendars - Multi-Track is used primarily to alleviate overcrowding, although it also incorporates the educational values of single-track YRE, including intersessions. It was designed specifically for schools with a shortage of classroom space. Multi-track is used to avoid double sessions, building new schools and temporary structures. It not only saves on capital construction costs, but on the ongoing costs that are part of operating a new school.

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