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Argument: WikiLeaks not about transparency, but damaging US

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Supporting quotations

"Why Wikileaks is Wrong." Wired State. November 29th, 2010: "there's only the taunting slogan 'We open governments.' Except they don't. They only open *one* government, pretty much, the U.S. The others only become displayed to the extent the U.S. engages with them, and much of the time, it's unflattering and damaging to the U.S., not anyone else. Timothy Garton-Ash makes a strange effort to make lemonade out of lemons by describing, for example, William Burns' literary talents in describing a Dagestani wedding where Kadyrov is present and concluding that U.S. diplomatic efforts make the diplomatic corps look good. Maybe so. But they'd look even better if their secrets weren't dumped."

Daniel W. Drezner. "Why WikiLeaks will be bad for scholarship." Foreign Policy. December 6, 2010: "Assange expects the U.S. government to become more insular and secretive, and therefore contribute to its own downfall. Glenn Greenwald is correct to observe that Assange and Osama bin Laden really do have the same political strategy -- goad the United States into overreacting, expose the U.S. government as an imperial authoritarian power, and then watch the hegemon rot from within."

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