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Argument: When water is not treated as an economic good it is wasted

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Supporting evidence

  • Chris Wood. "Is Water a Commodity or a Right?" The Tyee. March 22, 2006 - "Stopping the squandering: Vancouver may be the city of umbrellas in January; it is often the city of water restrictions by August. On Vancouver Island, where I live, several communities are straining the limits of existing water supplies and unsure where to look for more. In British Columbia as a whole, despite the country's highest precipitation, we continue to permit unlimited pumping from aquifers which, scientists admit, we have barely begun to map, let alone understand well enough to know their limits.
By refusing to contemplate a role of any kind for commerce in water services, cowed by an alarmist and highly debatable reading of trade agreements, we deprive ourselves of ways to make the best use of water we do have. We may also deprive our cities-which face an estimated $90 billion bill for renewing aging infrastructure-of useful investment."

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