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Argument: We are citizens in a global village that should welcome foreign students

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Supporting quotes from the Economist Online Debate Series

  • Blue World, commenter. Economist Online Debate Series. December 11, 2007 12:19 - "We all live on the same island in space. A good education for all children is everyone's responsibility. The sooner we are open to all, the better all becomes. Competition is not nearly as effective as collaboration. The Universities in China are good and getting better; I hope all the educational organizations everywhere continue to improve. A better educated mind anywhere on the planet benefits all humans.
As humans we have global challenges that require cooperation across oceans and national frontiers. I am thankful as many students from around the world have been educated in the US and returned to their countries for whatever productive reason. The Internet is providing on-line education without borders. It is time to focus on improving Quality and reducing our fears of limitations. Governments and Universities everywhere should ACCEPT qualified students regardless of nationality of residence. This is a moral responsibility and not a competition. There is opportunity for all, and the "cream will always rise to the top."
  • Frugal, commenter. Economist Debate Series. December 11, 2007 12:36 - "We live in a global village with all its benefits and faults. After we have mastered "the three Rs" in our national environment, it is essential that a wider range of knowlege is attained through international exposure. And not just of the academic variety. We need social and cultural life experience to prepare us for an ever more complicated world. Despite the costs and the inherent risks described by the Opposition, there can be no turning back. Like industrial health & safety, there should be no secrets in global education."

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