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Argument: Undocumented come to US for opportunities, not birthright citizenship

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Supporting quotations

"Go back where you didn't come from." Aug 12th 2010: "Denying American citizenship to the American-born children of illegal immigrants may have a slight dissuasive effect on illegal immigration, but the effect will be small compared to the overwhelming incentive for illegal immigration, which is the far greater economic opportunities available in the United States compared to Mexico or Central America."

"EDITORIAL: Born in the USA: The flawed case against birthright citizenship." Chicago Tribune Editorial. August 15th, 2010: "The lure of economic opportunity is the real magnet for illegal immigrants, who are bound to keep coming as long as they can find jobs better than those available back home."

"A futile effort to strip birthright citizenship." The Denver Post Editorial. August 13th, 2010: "It's probably true that birthright citizenship provides an incentive for some illegal immigration — although not as much as some critics allege. By far the dominant reason for illegal entries remains economic, the universal urge of humans to improve their lives."

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