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Argument: US does not believe it is above the law in opposing ICC

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Supporting quotations

"Frequently Asked Questions About the U.S. Government's Policy Regarding the International Criminal Court (ICC)". State Department. 30 July 2003 - "Why does the U.S. think its people should be above the law?

  • The U.S. does not seek to put its people "above the law," rather we want to ensure that our nationals are dealt with by our system of laws and due process.
  • We as a nation believe in justice and the rule of law, and in accountability for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, and have vigorously pursued the highest standards in this regard.
  • We accept the responsibility to investigate and prosecute our own citizens for such offenses should they occur. Our policy is to encourage states to pursue credible justice within their own institutions, consistent with their responsibilities as sovereign states.
  • We object, however, to the investigation or prosecution of our citizens by the ICC, whose jurisdiction we have not consented to and which lacks necessary safeguards to ensure against politically motivated investigations and prosecutions."

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