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Argument: Trials of 9/11 terrorists in NYC will become a circus

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Supporting quotations

Cal Thomas. "Trying terrorists in New York is dangerous." The Wichita Eagle. November 18, 2009: "Instead of a Manhattan courtroom less than a mile from the site of where the World Trade Center stood, the government should have chosen the Bronx Zoo, because a zoo is what will be created when this terrorist trial is held. [...] You don't need an imagination to predict that crazies will show up at this trial, including Islamic terrorists in training who want to emulate the acts of the defendants. Some might be 'inspired' to create another event at or near the courthouse. Cable TV will carry it all."

Dahlia Lithwick. "The right's nonsensical arguments against trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York." Slate. November 16, 2009: "Yet there was Hoekstra claiming on CBS' Face the Nation that terrorists should be denied open criminal trials because they "are going to do everything they can to disrupt it and make it a circus and allow them to use it as a platform to push their ideology."

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