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Argument: The political risks of assassinations can be reduced with sound measures

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Supporting quotations

Abraham D. Sofaer. "Responses to Terrorism. Targeted killing is a necessary option.". San Francisco Chronicle. March 26, 2004 - "It is impossible to guarantee that targeted killings will be soundly planned and implemented, and even when they are, the results can range from ridicule to disaster. When the Justice Department (without State Department or White House approval) seized a Mexican doctor and brought him involuntarily to the United States to stand trial for allegedly participating in the torture of a U.S. drug agent, the department's lawless conduct soured U.S.-Mexican relations (and the doctor ended up being acquitted!).

Two principles, though, can do a lot to avoid operations abroad that are likely to harm rather than advance U.S. interests:

-- Claim responsibility: Targeted killings (or abductions) should take place only when the United States (or any other state that undertakes such an action) is prepared openly to acknowledge its responsibility; and

-- Acknowledge mistakes: Likewise, the United States and other countries involved must be prepared in addition to accept accountability for mistakes in executing this policy."

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