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Argument: The focus should be on saving energy, not producing more by wind

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Supporting quotations

Eric Rosenbloom. "A Problem With Wind Power". 5 Sept. 2006 - "It is wise to diversify the sources of our energy. But the money and legislative effort invested in large-scale wind generation could be spent much more effectively to achieve the goal of reducing our use of fossil and nuclear fuels. As an example, Country Guardian calculates that for the U.K. government subsidy towards the construction of one wind turbine, they could insulate the roofs of almost 500 houses that need it and save in two years the amount of energy the wind turbine might produce over its lifetime. Country Guardian also calculates that if every light bulb in the U.K. were switched to a more efficient one, the country could shut down an entire power plant—some-thing even Denmark, with wind producing as much as 20% of their electricity, is not able to do." According to solar energy consultant and retailer Real Goods, if every household in the U.S. replaced one incandescent bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, one nuclear power plant could be closed. John Etherington claims that switching the most-used bulb in every house of the U.K. would save as much as the entire output of all existing and proposed on-shore wind plants in that country.

The BWEA itself says that the cost of saving energy is less than half the cost of producing it. According to the California Power Authority (ignoring the subsidies that lower the market price of wind-generated electricity) conservation costs exactly the same perKW-h as wind power. John Zimmerman admitted at a February 2003 meeting in Kirby, Vermont, that we “could do much more for our energy balance by just tightening our belts a little.”

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