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Argument: The Israeli public is widely supportive of targeted assassinations

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Supporting quotations

Steven R. David. "Fatal Choices: Israel's Policy of Targeted Killing". John Hopkins University. September 2002. - "Targeted killing is popular with the Israeli public. A poll published by Ma'ariv in July 2001 found that 90 percent of the Israeli public supported the policy. There appears to be a near-universal belief that targeted killing represents an appropriate response to the terror attacks that afflict the population. No other Israeli policy, including incursions into Palestinian territory, arrests of militants, the erection of a wall, or forced transfer of Palestinians from the territories to neighboring Arab countries enjoys the support received by targeted killing. Since the approval spans the Israeli body politic, it is well received by a coalition government representing diverse Israeli views. Democracies follow public opinion and targeted killing is a policy that has never lost favor with the Israeli electorate."

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