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Argument: That Poll Shows that Capitalism is Not Popular

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Extended Argument

More than twice as many people think that capitalism is fatally flawed and needs to be changed than people who think that capitalism is good as it is. It is very difficult to figure out the meaning of the majority for reforms because it is impossible to tell whether it is a result of the endless propaganda preaching that there are no alternatives to capitalism or whether it is a result of people thinking that reformed capitalism is the best system. No matter what that means, the fact that capitalism is so unpopular despite endless propaganda (through the mainstream media, all the corporate propaganda (see Taking the Risk Out of Democracy: Corporate Propaganda versus Freedom and Liberty by Alex Carey and see here for a brief overview), public relations campaigns, the internalised effects of advertising, and the way that people internalise their society) shows how deeply people are against capitalism. And the poll was from the rich countries, where the people have benefitted from the exploitation of others. Polls were not taken in the third world countries that have suffered the most from capitalism (a couple were and the results were obvious: in Mexico 38% of people think that capitalism is fatally flawed and that figure is 35% in Brazil - it is unlikely that that many people have felt their societies were fatally flawed (with all the factors mentioned earlier and with the prevalence of reformism everywhere) in many other societies and those figures represent massive dissatisfaction with capitalism. Capitalism is so unpopular that people in Russian (61%) and Ukraine (54%) would rather the utter tyranny of the Soviet Union. Results of the poll can be found here.

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