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Argument: Technology reduces the cost of education

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Supporting evidence, quotes, and analysis

  • AustinJC (online debater). online debate. October 15, 2007 - "You mention the blackboard, which is an improvement over the clay slate. The printing press enabled mass-produced textbooks, which are an improvement over expensive and rare handwritten books. Curricula has been able to standardized to bring more of society to the same level of education as a result. School buses and other advances in transportation technology have enabled students to attend classes, thus creating new economies in the teacher-to-student ratio. This allows fewer teachers per capita. Is this not an economy of scale brought about by technology?I believe that these points will need to addressed in order to show that technology has no (or not economically feasible) impact. Or, maybe further clarification should be asked of the Moderator on whether we are talking specifically about information technology and not other technologies."
  • diablo (online debater). Economist Debate Series. October 16, 2007 - "It may be true that other factors could influence more the outcome of education but technology has consistently develop cheaper and more effective ways of delivering information and knowledge, specially to poorer countries or regions of limited acces to a wide debate of different ideas."


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