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Argument: Technology itself has become the relevant subject of study in classrooms

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Supporting evidence, quotes, and analysis

  • Felix Drost (online debater). online debate. October 15, 2007 - "What students learn in school is technology itself; how to work with equipment and concepts that are all tools in society. The opposite viewpoint can only be based on a misunderstanding of what technology actually is which is applied science; The proposition 'continuing introduction of new technologies and new media adds little to the quality of most education' shows that misunderstanding; In a liberal economy, technologies define what is relevant, so new technologies establish new relevance. We no longer learn how to hunt and forage for food because technology has radically transformed how, when and what we eat several times in history. If it is even possible to contain new technology (which the proposition assumes) in a liberal democracy the effect would only be to freeze the curriculum even more at some point in time which some committee deems to be appropriate; while outside the classroom society itself moves away from what is being taught."
  • AustinJC (online debater). online debates. October 15th, 2007 - "Knowing technology (as a subject) has much merit and will make an economic distinction among classes of students. Students that know how to use technology will be in a better place than those that do not. Even if technology does not accelerate the education process, does it educate students in a way that will affect the quality of social contributor that they will become?"

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