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Argument: Technology in the classroom is required to serve the purpose of education: social innovation and progress via technology

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Supporting evidence

  • John (online debater). Economist Debate Series. October 20, 2007 - "The proposition and the discussion seems to miss the point about "technology" and "new media" vis a vis "quality education." Everyone seems to be addressing technology and media as teaching aids for some abstraction known as quality education, as if anyone would instantly recognise what that is. Technology is the transformation of resources into beneficial uses; media is the means of communicating the thoughts of people. They are the contents of civilised life. The purpose of education is to further technology and communication. Education, quality or otherwise is the handmaiden for the creation and creative use of technology and media. To not introduce the vast panorama of technology and media into the schools is to abrogate the very essence of education. That seemingly intelligent people perceive technology as outside educational experience and education as outside technology may go far in explaining why contemporary education has failed."


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