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Argument: Technology improves third-world access to knowledge and learning

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Supporting evidence

  • Ggwoodhouse whitehorse (online debater). The Economist Debate Series. October 16, 2007 - "The value of technology to education lies in the choice it brings to how and when the opportunity for learning is made available. As someone who lives in a relatively small community in Canada's north, I really appreciate the ability I have to gain access to a far broader range and higher quality of education than I would have if I were limited to local instructors in the local college. Not only can I learn from the best teachers, but technology offers a wider choice of learning methods. I can choose from self-paced learning, audio-presentations, video-presentations, readings, interactive sessions, and a host of other tools that present material in ways that are relevant for me as a student. If reaching a broader audience and offering higher quality education to them in ways that help them learn more effectively can be defined as "quality of education", then certainly technology does add significantly to the quality of education!"


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