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Argument: Technology benefits teaching methods by allowing for greater teacher-teacher communication

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Supporting evidence

  • 701810 (online debater). Economist Debate Series. October 19, 2007 - "The idea of education being used seems to equate to teaching. Education is much wider than this and is continually changing as new technology empowers people. For example any computer user knows that if you have a problem with hardware or software the best place to find a solution is in an online forum where other poeple who have found the same problen and solved it provide their experience. Another example is professional knowledge updating. Members of professional bodies can keep up-to-date by completing online courses from wherever they are whereas the possibility of attending a course in a classroom is unavailable. This is particularly the case if one lives far from a major city or university. These are not examples of improving existing learning methods but opportunities to learn that are not available without new technology."

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