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Argument: Technology allows teachers to be more flexible in addressing student needs

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Supporting evidence, quotes, and analysis

  • Redhead (online debater). online debates. October 15, 2007 - "I must support the position of Dr. Kozma. While it is true technology and new media are only tools and in themselves do not educate what they do provide is greater flexibility for the facilitor to meeting the learning needs of the learner. People learn differently. For too long (and in many places still is) the tranmission approach has been view as the exclusive method for learning. This has greatly disadvantaged learners of all ages who are more visual or who respond better to a more interactive environment. The new technologies and media assist those learners. The benefits of these do not always come out in large scale tests because these focus on measuring group performance rather than indiviudal performance based upon choice of learning methodology. The interactive capabilities that are being made available of real-time chat facilities or video conferencing that were not available previously have greatly enhanced not only access to learning but also the effectiveness by finally addressing the broader spectrum of learning needs."


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