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Argument: Superdelegates strike a nerve after 2000 Bush-Gore elections

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • Paul Abrams. "SuperSolution for Superdelegates". February 9, 2008 - "As previously indicated ("Dealing With Deadlock, Superdelegates, Michigan and Florida: A Challenge to Both Campaigns", February 2, 2008*), the notion that Superdelegates would change the outcome of 50 state primaries and caucuses ought to be absolutely outrageous to anyone who believes a) in democracy; and b) in change, i.e., that peoples' voices will literally be heard.
It is the intra-party equivalent to Bush v Gore, where the Supreme Court decided by 1 vote, in an unprecedented opinion that they indicated should not be viewed as precedent, that George Bush should be president."

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