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Argument: Shift in crime means cameras are working, should be expanded

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Supporting quotations

"Security cameras shift Alice crime". ABC News. July 8, 2008 - The Alice Springs Town Council says security cameras in the Todd Mall have had the unexpected consequence of moving antisocial behaviour to another part of town.

Technical services manager Greg Buxton says the problem has shifted to the Hartley Street car park near the Yeperenye Centre.

Mr Buxton says he will be reporting to council to further negotiate with the Northern Territory Government to expand security camera infrastructure for Hartley Street and the CBD.

He says the council is not in a position to attack the underlying causes behind the social problems, but says the cameras have produced the desired effect.

"Over the last three months it has been reasonably quiet on the mall and very little police activity needed," he said.

Mr Buxton says the cameras are operating well.

"It has reduced the crime down the Todd Mall so we're quite pleased with the results coming out of the installation," he said.

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