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Argument: Scientists want to create a race of clones to experiment on

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Supporting quotations

Wayne Jackson. "The Ethics of Human Cloning". The Christian Courier. April 30, 2001 - "One must first raise this question? Why do scientists want to clone human beings? It certainly is not because they are anxious to generate a larger population for our planet. They continually protest that the earth is over-crowded already. Rather, they are anxious to create a brand of humans with whom they can experiment. It is the same mentality that seized Adolf Hitler during that dreadfully dark era of World War II. In reality, this would be nothing short of a form of slavery. In the meantime, as a by-product of the process, thousands of tiny human beings would be destroyed in this misguided quest, which, allegedly is intended to improve the quality of human life. A more illogical position could scarcely be imagined."

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