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Argument: Schools should adopt the use of technology as a way to maintain student interest

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Supporting evidence

  • linbrandon (online debater). Economist Debate Series. October 20, 2007 - "of course it adds to the quality of education! As a person who sees this firsthand every day, I will say that most students need to "power down" when they enter our schools every day. They are accustomed to technology being an integral part of their lives. They use it to communicate, to learn, to share and to be successful. when they come to school they have to turn off their devices, their connections to their "real worlds" and to enter a world that has changed very little in the past 50 years. If we are to keep them engaged and interested, we need to make our classrooms relevant and current, and we must capitalize on the tools that the students carry around with them every day, rather than banishing them from the learning environment."
  • 581869 (online debater). Economist Debate Series: Education. October 18, 2007 - "Cell phones and Internet cafes are today's pied pipers. Wherever one goes, young people are text-messaging, peering at tiny screens and smiling. Most teachers are out of touch with this epidemic of visualization. Teacher training must address this lacuna. There should be strong IT commitment at the highest policy levels in education, and all necessary resources directed towards more effective harnessing of the technology, so that no one can even offer any more John Daniel's proposition!"


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