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Argument: Sanctions only create humanitarian crises for publics

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Supporting evidence

  • Quang Nguyen. "End Sanctions Against Cuba". Michigan Independent. February 6th, 2006 - "Perhaps the most important reasons to end sanctions, however, are the grave humanitarian risks that ensue amongst the punished country’s citizens. These countries, without strong economies and with unskilled workforces, need even the import of the most basic of goods such as food in order to care for their citizens. With reduced trade, such actions inevitably lead to increased unemployment and loss of international investment. All of these factors combine to produce extreme suffering amongst the people who are not responsible for their dictator’s gross atrocities. In the first year of U.S. sanctions against Haiti alone, they experienced the loss of 250,000 export-related jobs. Such a blow to the poorest country in the western hemisphere is insurmountable, and the only ones who suffer are its citizens. Due to their deprivation, the hoi polloi are often shackled with even heavier chains that bind them in their oppressive state, making them less likely to overthrow their government and more likely to further buy into their state’s rhetoric looking for a scapegoat to their misfortune."

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