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Argument: Risky to involve private companies in geoengineering

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Supporting quotations

Eli Kintisch’s new book, Hack the Planet: "One problem with geoengineering research that scientist Ken Caldeira has pointed out to me is that there are a lot of private companies who are involved in this research, who are out to do research but also to create a business around selling carbon credits. Is this a field that should be dominated by private enterprises?"[1]

Alan Robock. "Has the time come for geoengineering?" The Bulletin. August 14th, 2008: "15. Commercial control of technology. Who would end up controlling geoengineering systems? Governments? Private companies holding patents on proprietary technology? And whose benefit would they have at heart? These systems could pose issues analogous to those raised by pharmaceutical companies and energy conglomerates whose products ostensibly serve the public, but who often value shareholder profits over the public good."

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