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Argument: Restrictions on student-visa programs rarely produce national security benefits

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Parent debate

Supporting quotes from the Economist Debate Series

  • Frances Cairncross. The Economist Debate Series. The Proposition’s Rebuttal. December 14th, 2007 - "And incidentally, it is only the occasional terrorist. Ms Vaughan’s institution found that 22 of the 94 terrorists surveyed had been granted student visas or had been approved to study in the United States. So, for the sake of 22 mistakes – out of nearly 300,000 foreign students in the United States – should one shut out everyone else? That’s a failure rate of about 0.001, on my arithmetic, which you might think was something to boast about rather than to deplore."
  • Granito, commenter. Economist Online Debate Series. December 11, 2007 16:31 - ..."To use terrorism as an excuse to restrict the number of students coming into the country is simple scare tactics. If 18 terrorists used student visas to come into the country, what kinds of visas did the other ones use? This kind of problem is better solved by creating and enforcing safeguards, not by keeping qualified students out."...


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