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Argument: Reproductive cloning would entail dehumanizing experimentation

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Supporting quotations

Leon R. Kass, M.D. "The Ethics of Human Cloning". Testimony before the House Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space. January 29, 2003 - "First, any attempt to clone a human being would constitute an unethical experiment upon the resulting child-to-be. As the animal experiments indicate, there are grave risks of mishaps and deformities, even to those clones that are born alive. Conducting the experiments in humans in efforts to make cloning safer would violate the ethical norms for experimenting with human subjects. Shall we just discard the defective children? Moreover, because of what cloning means, one cannot presume a future cloned child’s consent to be a clone, even a healthy one. Thus, we cannot ethically even get to know whether or not human cloning is feasible."

"Just Say No To Human Cloning". The Center for Public Justice. March 18, 1997 - "Let's allow science to move forward. But let's also recognize that science is not God and ought to be kept within bounds. It should not be treated as humanity's savior. Human beings are not simply genes and molecules. The sanctity of human life should be protected in law. Humans should not be turned into an experimental playground."

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