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Argument: Reproductive cloning generally diminishes human individualism

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Supporting quotations

"Why Environmentalists Oppose Human Cloning And Inheritable Genetic Modification". Friends of the Earth. Retrieved June 3rd, 2008 - "Today, we face another change -- the radical reorganization of life at the genetic level. This could propel us into a “brave new world,” devaluing each individual and completing the divorce from nature that began a long time ago."

Dr. George Johnson. "Should A Clone Have Rights?". On Science. Retrieved July 9th, 2008 - "If you were to clone a child, the initial cell of the clone, the cell that would go on to form a child in your image, would be in every way the same as the cell that made YOU. So what is so wrong about this cell, that was so right about you?

The answer is that we suppose individuality in every person. Deeply ingrained in our culture is the supposition that we are all different from one another, and that these differences are an essential part of the human condition."

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