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Argument: Real damage from WikiLeaks will not be known

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Supporting quotations

"Why Wikileaks is Wrong." Wired State. November 29th, 2010: "Most people judging Wikileaks as morally wrong focus on the issue of the burning of sources mentioned in cables and documents -- they could face not only embarrassment but persecution and death. Soldiers and dissidents and diplomats could all be harmed. And all that's true, although we haven't seen it work that way -- yet. And would we know if it did? Wikileaks leaks other people's secrets -- mainly America's! -- but doesn't go on leaking to follow up to see if it did harm. We wouldn't learn about the adverse consequences from them. And if the U.S. is trying to minimize the seeming harm, would it be in the government's best interests to say if Wikileaks scored in this way? I would hope, in fact, that we could get this information -- because it would help in the long-term effort to quell the anarchic thuggery of Wikileaks."

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