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Argument: Punishing bonuses will distract AIG from restructuring

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Supporting quotations

David Weidner, Marketwatch: "I think what we're doing here is we're cutting off our nose to spite our face because you're going to go after these bonuses, you're creating a lot of disruption at AIG. And right now, AIG as a company is not -- it's not business as usual. This company is struggling. Its insurance business is struggling. They're trying to unwind, you know, billions in derivative contracts. [...] They need people, all hands on deck. They need to be focused. I don't care how terrible they are. They are the people in these jobs. And I think that we're risking billions and billions more by clogging up AIG and its management with fighting these bonuses and answering subpoenas. We know the bonuses are bad, but let's stop them from having bonuses next year."[1]

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