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Argument: Protectionism is a nationalistic and selfish world-view

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Supporting evidence

  • Martin Wolf, Why Globalization Works?. Yale University Press. 2004. ISBN 0-300-10777-3. pp 4. - "There are some important differences between transactions within jurisdictions and transactions across them...The value difference is that economic analysis and political discourse generally proceed as if the welfare of foreigners or non-residents counts for nothing. It is one of the ironies of current debate that critics of globalization, who tend to present themselves as cosmopolitan, include many who take this assumption to extremes. But the assumption is not implausible: actual political institutions behave as if the welfare of foreigners counted for far less than those of nationals and residents. Behind these differences between domestic and international transactions is one of the most obvious facts about the world: markets want to be cosmopolitan; states do not. Technology permitting, a market for mutually enriching exchange will span the globe, because people will want to buy at the cheapest price (for any given quality) and sell at the highest."


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