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Argument: Protecting life with scanners more important than privacy

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Supporting quotations

A January 2010 front-page editorial in the German daily Die Welt: "Privacy finds its limits when the life of others is at risk, and that is the case in this matter. People who are worried and put their privacy above the lives of others should not underestimate the extent to which Germans would like to stay alive."[1]

Jon Adler, of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, told The Washington Post in January of 2009: "I think a bomb detonating on a plane is the biggest invasion of privacy a person can experience."[2]

Quentin Hines wrote in January of 2010: "Have these ‘flyers rights’ [folks] forgotten that flyers reserve the right to take whatever measures neccesary [sic] to escape being blown to bits in midair? I fly constantly and would gladly submit to a strip search, colonoscopy or the infamous 'please turn your head and cough' for even the slightest increase in MY safety."[3]

Arthur Weinreb. "Full body scanners; it’s just common sense." Canada Free Press. January 8, 2010: "The privacy argument reaches the zenith of silliness when the discussion turns to famous people. For some reason Angelina Jolie’s name comes up quite a bit in this context. Tabloids would spend millions of dollars to obtain a naked scan of a star and this is somehow worse than blowing up a plane with hundreds of passengers. Rules can be put in place to destroy the images; there is no real reason to keep the scans after the flight has landed safely. No system of security or anything else for that matter is foolproof and it is possible too that someone could put a scan into the public realm. Whatever happened to those lefties who want long guns registered on the theory that “if it only saves one life”? When people are involved there is always the possibility of wrongdoing but that is a poor argument for refusing to take steps to protect the public from terrorist acts."

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