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Argument: Prevent extremism/terror in Libya by ending conflict quickly

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Supporting quotations

Fareed Zakaria. "The Libyan Conundrum. Time. March 10th, 2011: "Some worry that if we arm the rebels, things might turn out the way they did in Afghanistan, where the freedom fighters became Islamic jihadists and turned their sights on us. But that's not really what happened. After the Soviet defeat, the U.S. abandoned Afghanistan, leaving it open to Islamic jihadists backed by the Pakistani military. The better analogy is to Chechnya, where as the civil war continued, the rebels became more radical and Islamic fundamentalists jumped into the fight and soon became its leaders. The best way to prevent al-Qaeda from turning Libya into an area of strength would be to have the fighting end — with Gaddafi's defeat. So let's help the Libyan opposition do it."

Chris Strohm. "5 Reasons to Arm Libya's Rebels ... and Another 5 Reasons Not to." National Journal. March 22, 2011: "3. It May Stymie al-Qaida. While critics worry that a fresh infusion of arms could fall into the wrong hands, others say giving the rebels weapons can help prevent Libya from becoming a failed state. They fear that al-Qaida or other terrorist groups would exploit a failed state to operate terrorist training camps and plan operations."

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