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Argument: Polygamy wrongly promotes patriarchal principles in society

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Reasons to agree

  1. Saye R. Gbetu. "A Case Against Legalizing Polygamy". The Perspective. September 13, 2001 - "To conclude, I know that polygamy is still widely practiced in Liberia. Judging from the way things happen in Liberia, I would not be surprised if members of the national legislature acquiesce and give the powerful people what they want. Let me just remind all of us that Liberia is a pariah nation today partly as a result of medieval thoughts and practices. Therefore, the way out is not to plunge further into medieval thoughts and practices. One way to get out of this quagmire is to help educate Liberian women. Perhaps when we heed what Rousseau once admonished, we would be able to lessen the insidious tide of sexist male chauvinism in our country: "When women become good mothers, men will become good husbands and fathers." When Liberian women, by their education, become good mothers, they will rear good boys who will, in turn, become good men, husbands, or fathers. Maybe, in this way, Liberian leaders will be forced to stop propagating such bad medieval idea as polygamy. So, with no place, no relevance, and no positive contribution towards helping Liberia rise out of the ashes, let polygamy die a natural death."

Reasons to disagree

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