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Argument: Polygamy makes individual wives feel that they are insufficient

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Supporting quotes

  • Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. "The Case Against Polygamy". The Huffington Post. April 23, 2008 - "There is good reason to outlaw polygamy. Marriage is the most romantic institution because it establishes the inviolate uniqueness of its participants. A woman is made to feel that she is the one and only to her husband. A husband's devotion confers upon his wife the blessings of primacy and exclusivity. But polygamy subverts that pledge, establishing not a woman's uniqueness, but her ordinariness. Her husband marries her with the express understanding that she alone will not satisfy him. He requires others. She is inadequate.
[...]After marrying and sacrificing all for her husband, no woman should ever have to feel that she is still not good enough."

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