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Argument: Polygamy is valuable in communities with a shortage of males

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Reasons to agree

  1. "The Case for Polygamy". Time. 1968 - "A missionary for 16 years in Tanzania, Father Hillman points out that in much of the underdeveloped world there is a shortage of men willing and able to take on families. Polygamy thus provides the only hope of marriage for many women. 'In such a socioeconomic context," writes Hillman, "the Christian insistence on an immediate change from [polygamy] to monogamy might very well cause much more harm than good. It is not at all certain that the average Christian missionary has either the mandate or the competence to change social structures that are not in them selves evil but are in fact serving constructive purposes.'"
  2. "Why not Mr. and Mrs. - & Mrs... & Mrs...?". The Jerusalem Post. Apr 2, 2006 - "IN ISRAEL women of marriageable age far outnumber men, partly as a result of the many wars that have plagued us. That automatically means not all women are going to get married - unless there is a remarkable spurt of divorce or widowerhood. And while technology now affords women the chance to be mothers through artificial insemination, I'd venture to say that most (non-gay) women would probably prefer to have a man in the picture."

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"Why polygamy is allowed in islam?". January 19th, 2007.[1]

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