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Argument: Polygamist priests convince women that God made them inferior

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Reasons to agree

  1. John R. Llewellyn, former polygamist. "Polygamy vs. common sense. Tricked into 'Eternal Polygamy'". Retrieved 4.24.08 - "All through history religion has been tricking women into believing God made them inferior to men, and that their lot in life is to be oppressed. This thinking goes back to the Garden of Eden when chauvinistic priests concluded that Eve seduced Adam, compelling him to 'eat of the forbidden fruit' which resulted in 'original sin.' The early Christian priests were obsessed with the idea of 'original sin' and believed it was passed on to the rest of humanity via sexual intercourse."

Reasons to disagree

  1. This is a vast oversimplification. In polygamist compounds women convince each other that God made them inferior. But this is not the direct approach they use. They say that they have "different" roles, and it just so happens that all the women roles are in the home raising the children.

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