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Argument: People drive drunk because they can get away with it

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Supporting quotations

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD): "Millions of Canadians continue to drink and drive because they can do so with little fear of being stopped, let alone charged and convicted. Recent survey results and charge and conviction data indicate you could drive drunk once a week for more than 3 years before ever being charged with an impaired driving offence, and for over 6 years before ever being convicted. Other survey data would put the figures closer to 6 and a half years before a charge, and nearly 13 years before a conviction."[1]

Robert Solomon is a law professor at the University of Western Ontario and the director of legal policy for MADD Canada: "Why do millions of people in Canada drink and drive? Because they can do so with little fear of being stopped; little fear, if stopped, of being charged; and little fear of being convicted."

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