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Argument: Parents that lose a child should not be assuaged with a cloned baby

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Parent debate

Supporting quotations

"Against human cloning". Human Life Review. Spring 2001 - "Take, for example, the claim that to prohibit cloning would be to prevent a grief-stricken mother and father from replacing their dead daughter with a new genetically identical daughter who will somehow erase the loss of their first daughter. You don't have to delve very far into philosophical questions of identity and existence to realize that the notion is so confused and self-contradictory, it won't even bear the weight of its own expression. But the point of invoking those grieving parents is not to present an argument. The point is to express a feeling: Death ought not to sting, the grave should not have the victory, the ones we love must come back to life. And so cloning enthusiasts look to science-as to a god-to wipe away our tears, to assuage the eternal pity, and to console human grief."

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