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Argument: Outlawing Holocaust denial is critical to protecting Israel

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Supporting quotations

A petition to the United States Congress, written by Tashi Goldstein: "WHEREAS, the State of Israel is subject to undue harassment by anti-semites around the world;

WHEREAS the human rights of Jewish citizens in every country must be protected and safeguarded by those countries and cherished by their inhabitants;

WHEREAS by remembering the Holocaust, and teaching the truth about it to Jews and non-Jews alike, documenting and commemorating it we ensure that the world will not allow anything like it ever to happen again to the Jewish people;

WHEREAS Holocaust Denial in any form is a technique used by the far right to undermine Israel, a country created expressly for Jews and by Jews, and is a moral abomination and an existential threat to the whole world;

WE the Undersigned, petition to criminalize denial of the Jewish Holocaust in the United States of America."

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