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Argument: Openness to foreign students is an important liberal-democratic principle

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Parent debate

Supporting quotes from the Economist Online Debate Series

  • heartolearn, commenter. Economist Online Debate Series. December 12, 2007 12:31 - "Frustratingly, the Opposition then ventures into �€˜red alert�€™ territory, equating foreign students with an easy avenue for terrorists to gain entry. I think this might nearly concede the struggle against would-be terrorists. Locking out anyone with legitimate educational ambitions seems a pyrrhic victory, when your numbers show an infinitesimal percentage proved dangerous. Given the Opposition�€™s initial statement that diversity is a positive effect, as �€˜governments should do all they can to foster academic excellence and the free exchange of ideas�€™. It�€™s helpful to put this argument of student-visas for terrorist in a proper perspective. Keep the baby, dispose of the bath-water."


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