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Argument: One-state would see Israel minority ruling over Palestinian majority

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Supporting quotations

"Is the two-state solution in danger?". Haaretz. May 21, 2009: "The left in Israel has long warned that if settlement construction continues and Israel does not separate from the Palestinians, the country will eventually slide into an apartheid-like reality in which a Jewish minority rules over an Arab majority. The result, they contend: the end of a democratic, Jewish state."

Leonard Fein. "The State of the Two-State Solution". Forward, The Jewish Daily. April 15, 2009: "Let there be no mistake: A one-state solution with Jews in control and the Palestinian majority offered less than full rights of citizenship is morally and politically bankrupt. It is an invitation to continuing violence. A one-state solution with the Palestinian majority in control means an end to the Zionist enterprise, to the Jewish state."

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