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Argument: Obama raising debt ceiling would be politically costly

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Supporting quotations

Michael Levenson. "Law is murky on whether Obama can act on his own." Boston Globe. July 31st, 2011 "[Some] say the move would be politically and legally disastrous, because it could spark divisive court battles and even impeachment proceedings in the GOP-controlled House. Some legal scholars warn that it would be an abuse of power for the president to wield the provision as a means of raising the debt limit."

Representative Barney Frank, a Newton Democrat, said in July of 2011: "For the president now to do this unilaterally, 150 years after it originated during a period when nobody seemed to think it meant that, would severely exacerbate this sense of distrust and anger. It is an unwarranted gift to the irresponsible elements in the Republican Party."[1]

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