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Argument: Not many countries in the world have birthright citizenship

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Supporting quotations

Eric Zorn. "Amendment dreamin' and the issue of birthright citizenship." Chicago Tribune. August 12th, 2010: "The birthright citizenship question, for instance, asks us to consider not only the practical implications of the policy, but also what our country stands for in the world. We are, after all, as proponents of an amendment point out, one of just a handful of industrialized nations (Canada is another) that confer automatic citizenship at birth, regardless of the naturalization or even legal status of the parents."

John Derbyshire. "Birthright Citizenship." National Review Online. August 10th, 2010: "You have to wonder about the sincerity of any of this. Birthright citizenship is an obviously lousy idea — other countries have been revoking it at a fair clip this past few years..." [Yet, the author ultimately thinks ending it is a bad idea because it would, in his estimation, require a constitutional amendment]

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