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Argument: Natural gas has a strong record of safety

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Supporting quotations

"Natural Gas Pipelines: Safe, Sound and Underground". American Gas Association - "The safety record of natural gas utilities is outstanding – and it keeps getting better.

  • Between 1986 and 2004, the amount of natural gas traveling through distribution pipelines increased by one-third.
  • And more than 650,000 miles of pipeline were added to the system.
  • Yet the number of reportable incidents on distribution pipelines decreased by 28 percent.
  • Natural gas utilities safely and reliably deliver natural gas to 69 million customers per year.
  • Natural gas pipelines have an outstanding safety record, especially when compared to other modes of transportation: According to the National Transportation Safety Board, in 2002, more than 42,000 transportation fatalities occurred on the highways, while aviation, boating and railroads accounted for another 2,000 fatalities. In contrast, there were only 12 fatalities associated with natural gas pipelines."

"Natural gas pipelines: safe, sound and underground". Nicor

"Natural Gas Vehicles The Clean Way to Go with a Domestic Fuel". Washington gas - "An American Gas Association study reported no injuries or fatalities after more than a half billion miles driven with natural gas vehicles."

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