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Argument: Multinational companies exploit children

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • "Technology giant Apple has admitted that child labour has been employed at some of the factories that build its iPods, computers and mobile phones. An audit found that at least eleven 15-year-old children were found to be working in three factories that supply Apple in the last year. (...) The audit also found one facility had attempted to conceal evidence of employing underage labour, while two others had falsified records relating to the number of working hours and days of rest employees were receiving." ["Apple admits child labour was used to build iPods and iPhones in Chinese factories", Daily Mail, February 2010]
  • "Gap reacted swiftly when evidence appeared in the Observer, a British newspaper, that an unauthorised subcontractor had used child workers to make blouses for GapKids at a factory in Delhi." ["Clean, wholesome and American?", The Economist, November 2007]

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