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Argument: Mistakes and collateral damage from assassinations are worth it

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Supporting quotations

Gal Luft. "The Logic of Israel's Targeted Killing". Middle East Quarterly. Winter 2003 - "Despite the shortcomings of the current policy, there is nearly a consensus among Israel's defense officials that it is the most effective and least injurious way to deter and prevent terrorist groups from perpetrating terror attacks, especially in light of the PA's refusal to fight terror. Officials believe that despite occasional mistakes causing the death of innocent civilians—in the first twenty-two months of the intifada, forty-four Palestinian bystanders were killed in the process of targeted killings—any alternative tactic would inflict much more harm to innocent civilians."

Alan Dershowitz. "Is Israel's Policy of Targeted Assassination Legitimate?". Wiley. Retrieved June 3rd, 2008 - "Precisely how much collateral damage is too much is a matter of degree, but international law does not condemn the targeting of combatants unless the number of innocents killed in the process is completely out of proportion to the importance of the military objective. Preventing terrorist leaders from planning, approving or carrying out acts of terrorism against innocent civilians is an important and appropriate military objective."

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