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Argument: Military tribunals are a propaganda win for terrorists

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Supporting quotations

"Commentary: U.S. legal system is capable of trying 9-11 suspects." The Miami Herald. Nov. 16, 2009: "There is every reason to believe that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his cohorts will eventually join them. The obligation to stand trial in an open court of law is a defeat for the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, who once expressed a desire to plead guilty in the military commission system established in Guantánamo. Because the trial venue has been discredited around the Islamic world -- and among U.S. allies -- fulfilling his wish would have solidified his status as martyr on behalf of a distorted version of Islam."

Eugene Robinson. "Civilian trials help win war of Ideas." Real Clear Politics. November 21, 2009: "putting KSM and the others on trial in a civilian proceeding on U.S. soil is not just a duty but an opportunity. It's a way to show that we do not have one system of justice for ourselves and another for Muslims, that we give defendants their day in court, that we insist they be vigorously defended by competent counsel -- that we really do practice what we preach.

Even if a military tribunal would be just as fair -- and a military court might be even more offended by the fact that KSM was subjected to waterboarding -- a trial by men and women in uniform would be seen as an extension of the 'war on Islam.'"

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