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Argument: Military action premature; Iran is no imminent threat

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Parent debate

Supporting evidence

  • Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, IAEA Director General, 5/30/06 - "We haven't also seen any production of nuclear material in Iran today. All what we have seen in Iran is experiments with gram quantities, milligram quantities. To develop a weapon, as you know, you need significant quantities of highly enriched uranium, highly enriched uranium or plutonium. That we have not seen - we have not seen in Iran. Our assessment is that there is no imminent threat, if you want to call it - there is no clear and present danger, you know. We - we still have lots of time to investigate that. We still have lots of time to negotiate with Iran in the international community."
  • Frances Harrison of the BBC reports on 2/20/2007 that, "With the head of the UN nuclear watchdog Mr ElBaradei saying it could take Iran another six to 12 months to get 3,000 centrifuges running, and four to six years to be able to produce a bomb if it wanted one, there is still time for negotiations on the nuclear front."
  • Gary Samore, former security adviser to President Bill Clinton, 9/6/05 - "There are a number of different problems the Iranians are having producing high quality uranium hexafluoride feed material and in installing and testing centrifuge machines," he said, "and on the basis of that judgment we argue that it would take Iran at least five years to produce enough weapons grade uranium for a single weapon if it made a political decision".
  • Congressman Dennis Kucinich "Iran Is Not an Imminent Threat" 9/28/06] - "'Iran is not an imminent threat'; this, from Dr. Hans Blitz, former Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector, speaking to our congressional oversight subcommittee the other day. The International Atomic Energy Agency points out that Iran has an enrichment level of about 3.6%. You have to go to 90% to have weapons-quality enrichment. Iran is not an imminent threat. Iran does not have nuclear weapons."

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