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Argument: Marriage/sex are sacred; priests should be allowed to marry

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Supporting quotations

Rev. Donald Cozzens. "Commentary: Celibacy should be rethought". CNN. May 15, 2009: "In the Catholic tradition, even though sex is cast as sinful unless expressed in the conjugal embrace of husband and wife, it is held as fundamentally good, a part of God's creation.

The church even holds that marriage (including spousal lovemaking) is a sacrament -- something sacred that contributes to the sanctity of husbands and wives. In light of this official teaching, it is dawning on many Catholics that mandatory celibacy for priests, a canonically imposed discipline of the church, is precisely that -- a discipline."

Ed Minderlein of Marlborough, a married priest: "denying people of the God-given right that is essential to human nature, the right to companionship and the right to procreate."[1]

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