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Argument: Law firms worry that JD/MBAs might leave for business

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Supporting quotations

"JD/MBA- Like 'supersizing' a fast food meal, when you're not really hungry?" Law School Labyrinth. July 17th, 2009: "Further, I suspect that the JD/MBA label may be viewed by law firms as a lawyer who really wants to become a businessperson. Read that as "short-timer". In other words, those precious firm jobs may go to old-fashioned JDs, because firms won't want to invest in someone who is planning to leave as soon as Donald Trump retires."

Mark Murray. "Are Two Better Than One? The Pros and Cons of Joint Degrees." JD Jungle Magazine: "The jury's still out on whether two degrees make any sense, particularly for those who are set on practicing law. For starters, recruiters from big law firms often look down on applicants with joint degrees. Anne Brandt, associate director of the Law School Admission Council, explains that these firms not only shell out big bucks for their young associate hires, but also spend a lot of time training them. As a result, she says, some firms are wary of any hint—such as a second degree—that might indicate a lack of commitment to practicing law."

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